At the core of Modria solutions is an innovative architectural platform which enables the automatic generation of an entire application based on a dedicated model of each customer's business processes. Customized algorithms can then be plugged in according to each customer's unique problems. As a result, our customers will spend most of their investments in solving their business problems at the root rather than in non-essential and mundane coding efforts typical of traditional customization.

To illustrate how the technology helps build business-specific solutions, consider the case of Planning. Using the architectural platform and a generic model, we generated a reference application for supply-side planning. We then used the architectural platform and a beta customer's specific business model to build a unique solution for their shipment planning. We offer such reference applications built with our technology and available for full customization to fulfil your business requirements.

We build solutions for your business needs when you find no good solutions in the market.

Case Study: Load Planning and Routing

A large US manufacturer was looking for a solution to create load-plans for their fleet of trucks leaving warehouses for retail locations. The problem required considering a large number of specific details of the company's warehousing, loading and unloading practices and constraints, as well as multiple business objectives. After a 15-month global search for solutions, the company entrusted our experts to build a solution for them. The highlights of the solution are its full customizability to address a wide range of loading and routing requirements and its algorithmic superiority in optimizing costs. The software is in operation currently, having generated multi-million-dollar savings for the customer.

Case Study: Profit Optimization

A large, global industrial manufacturer wanted to examine how to increase operating margins in the face of uncertainty of demand as well as prices. The problem involved simultaneously determining its best practices for procurement, production and pricing to maximize its operating margins. Our experts built the appropriate solutions, incorporating the uncertainties of demand and pricing to find optimal levels of purchasing and finished good production. The new solution increases operating profit by up to 28%.