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Our Vision


Computers are more effective when programmed to solve specific problems. This is especially true in supply chain planning area since a company often faces planning problems specific to its business. For many such problems in supply chain planning, businesses cannot avail themselves of the highly effective solution capability of a computerized system when they limit themselves to using only packaged software with pre-programmed functionalities. After over two decades of use, it is now evident that packaged software implementation, even after significant configuration, often has important gaps when it comes to effectively and economically solving many unique supply chain planning problems that a business faces.

Modria complements packaged major vendor offerings by providing mission-specific, customer-dedicated model and algorithm to solve customers' unique problems. Our unique technology enables us to build software one customer at a time without increasing the total cost of ownership. We build our system to work with the major vendor systems that companies use to run their business. Our customers can own the software at source code level allowing them to control product road-map, leverage their intellectual property and enhance their competitiveness.