At the core of Modria solutions is an innovative architectural platform which enables the automatic generation of an entire application based on a dedicated model of each customer's business processes. Customized algorithms can then be plugged in according to each customer's unique problems. As a result, our customers will spend most of their investments in solving their business problems at the root rather than in non-essential and mundane coding efforts typical of traditional customization.

To illustrate how the technology helps build business-specific solutions, consider the case of Planning. Using the architectural platform and a generic model, we generated a reference application for supply-side planning. We then used the architectural platform and a beta customerís specific business model to build a unique solution for their shipment planning. We offer such reference applications built with our technology and available for full customization to fulfil your business requirements.

We build solutions for your business needs when you find no good solutions in the market.

Reference Applications

We offer the following reference applications built with our technologies and available for full customization.

  • Inventory Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Demand Planning

We can also build applications for related planning functions such as shipment planning, procurement planning, order planning, and replenishment planning.